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Strategic Communications

Any communications activity undertaken by your business needs a clear strategy and purpose. It also requires a deep understanding of your corporate objectives, as well as insights into the Irish business, political, regulatory and media landscape.

Working closely with corporate leadership teams, Cogency supports Irish businesses in developing practical, easily implemented communications strategies aligned with key business objectives and priorities.

We provide guidance and counsel on communications challenges and support clients in navigating an increasingly connected, complex stakeholder landscape.

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PR and Media Relations

Our PR/ media expertise and insight allows us to communicate effectively with media and stakeholders on behalf of our clients, creating impactful messages and stories while engaging with relevant audiences.

We provide ongoing public relations support, ensuring our clients develop and maintain relationships with the right stakeholders, utilise the right platforms and ultimately land the right messages. This includes delivering press office support on a 24/7 basis.

We also support clients on a project basis, creating bespoke and tailored campaigns for maximum engagement.

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Public Affairs

Impactful public affairs means keeping on top of the constantly moving political and policy agenda. Irish politics and Government is always evolving and those who wish to engage with public decision makers need to keep track of how the political plates have moved.

Cogencyā€™s extensive public affairs experience allows us to keep on top of these developments for our clients. We provide intelligence and insight on what is happening and why.

Our understanding of Government and our lengthy public affairs experience allows us to connect with key decision and policy influencers across all levels of government and politics.

Our services in public and government affairs include

  • Political and governmental intelligence
  • Political engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Client preparation for specific engagements (eg. meetings with Ministers/ Departments)
  • Oireachtas Committee presentation preparation.

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Digital Marketing and Strategy

A strong digital campaign needs to be integrated and aligned with an overarchingĀ communications strategy. We believe strongly that all digital communications must have a defined purpose and a consistent tone of voice that reflects the values of your business or organisation.

Cogency assists clients in implementing digital strategies that align with key business objectives, identifying the most effective platforms for their business, and creating engaging content targeted at relevant audiences.

Digital platforms are fast-evolving and we understand the need to adapt to the changing landscape. Our understanding of this constantly shifting environment allows us to best support clients in utilising social media and digital marketing campaigns or tools to achieve their corporate or business objectives.

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Cogency 16

Crisis Communications

Cogency has a wealth of experience in issues management, reputation management and crisis management. We not only provide round-the-clock support and expertise during critical business/ organisational crises, we also support clients in actively preparing for potential issues in order to limit damage and minimise risk.

We help our clients see the risks before they materialise.

The rise of online platforms as a factor in business and media communication has created new and complex challenges in managing reputation. Crises also usually attract political and public interest, particularly those not managed carefully.

Our understanding of digital, media and politics allows us to predict, prepare, and effectively manage issues across both social and traditional media communications as well as with your wider stakeholder groups.

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