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Should my business still be using email marketing?

The short answer is yes, your business should definitely be email marketing.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools in 2022.

Today, it seems like email marketing is being overshadowed and underappreciated by the growth and success of social media. However, in terms of overall performance, emails actually do better than social media posts.

Although having a strong presence on social media is vital for your business, it should not cloud the importance of email marketing in your digital marketing strategy.

Here Cogency set out the reasons why email marketing is still as good as ever and why your business should be using it.

Email marketing makes money

The bottom line is that email marketing makes money if used effectively. Studies show that email marketing can generate a grand average of 4,300% ROI (return on investment) on an email campaign.   [1]

In fact, email marketing is so impressive it generates 4x more ROI than any other digital marketing tool out there. [2]

Furthermore, email marketing has a great conversion rate. The average click-through rate (CTR) for emails sent by businesses is 3%. This may seem small but compared to other social media sites such as Twitter which has a CTR of 1.55% and Facebook which has a CTR of 0.90% it emphasizes the strong returns generated by emails.  [3]

Email marketing has a massive reach with great engagement

One of the best things about email marketing for businesses is its high reach and engagement.

Over half the world’s population use emails, making it an effective way of reaching a large percentage of your audience in the one place.

Additionally, email marketing has a fantastic engagement rate. Research shows that the average professional checks their emails about 15 times a day. [4]

Having a wide reach and a high level of engagement gives your business the opportunity to increase your brand awareness and ultimately sales.

Email marketing makes it easy to personalize your content

Another great thing about email marketing is how easy it is to personalize your emails by using various types of audience segmentation available. This makes it simple to deliver relevant and targeted content to your audience.

Personalized emails help build relationships, loyalty and engagement with your customers because it shows them you know what they want and when they want it.

Not only does it help build a better connection with your consumers it also encourages sales. Over 76% of consumers said that personalized content was one of their main reasons for encouraging their consideration for a product or service. [5]

Email marketing has a targeted audience

Email marketing is effective because it has a targeted audience.

When a business sends an email out to its mailing list you are targeting an audience who have opted in to hear about what you have to say. This means that from the start you have an engaged audience who want to form a relationship with your business.

This is further reinforced by the fact that 72% of customers surveyed said they actually prefer their main channel of communication with businesses through email.[6]

Email marketing is cost-effective

Another really positive aspect of email marketing is its affordability.

82% of marketers said they spend 20% or less of their overall marketing budget on email marketing.[7] This is great value when you compare it to the ROI.

Depending on the size of your business and how much money you want to spend, email marketing can be a very inexpensive way to boost sales and engage with your audience.


The bottom line is that email marketing is a very effective tool that continues to grow today. Email marketing has a viable future, so it is still worth investing your time and energy into. Having an adequate email marketing strategy in place can help you increase sales, reach and engage with your audience all in an affordable manner.











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