The power of typography for digital marketing

The power of typography

Typography is important because it can build a hierarchy of information, create brand recognition and can give your business a personality. It even has the power to influence opinion and evoke emotions from your customers.

In fact, typography is so important that not doing it well can be the reason a viewer doesn’t read your post or is encouraged to not buy your product or service.

Here, we give the reasons why your business shouldn’t overlook the power of typography.

It creates a hierarchy of information

One of the best aspects of typography is that it allows you to create a hierarchy of information. When you choose the right type, size and display of font correctly you can effectively make a complex message simple and easy to read.

Displaying the most important message in the heading allows you to emphasize the crucial part of the post that you want your viewer to read.

Studies show that people only read about 20% of the text on a page.[1] So having a hierarchy of information means that if people only glance at your post they will be able to get the most valuable piece of information first.

It helps build brand recognition

Choosing consistent and strong typography that represents your business is a simple way to build recognition with your audience.

Typography is a part of your brand’s visual identity, so it is important it suits your brand.  If you want typography to help your business be memorable in the minds of your viewers you need to have a consistent style across all of your platforms (online and offline), making sure the colour, font, sizing and display are the same.

Think of Disney and Cadbury, their style of typography is easily recognizable because it is consistent across all of their different platforms.

It shows your brand’s personality

The right typography is a perfect way of showing off your brand’s personality.

Typography has the power to set the tone of your business and to communicate what your values are.  According to Canva, depending on the font you choose, you can display your business as the personalities below.

How fonts can show different personalities

It can influence a consumer’s decision

Typography also has the power to influence your customer’s decision on whether or not they want to read your post or website.

Poorly chosen or displayed typography can increase your bounce rate for your social media posts and website. In fact, studies show that simply redesigning your website can decrease your bounce rate from 30% to a surprising 2.5%. [2]

Well-designed typography can encourage your viewer to continue reading and to buy your product or service.  Typography has the power to set a tone. Choosing the wrong tone can stop a viewer from becoming a buyer. Simply typography matters. Make sure to put some time into thinking about your brand and what your typography says about it.

The bottom line

Typography is an effective tool for marketers if used correctly to fit your business’s personality and message. It is so powerful in fact that making the wrong typography choices can be the reason why you don’t secure your next client.




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